(not that)dave foley

what the world needs now is another thought leader

event is the new model

(a talk from cascadia js 2013)


oss is the new cv


helps make sense of and manage commonjs file dependencies



prints an ansi graph showing commit counts for each git committer by time of day



computes commit-by-commit changes to code quality for ruby projects using git


i heard you like music

hypatia lake

(loud psychedelic rock)

[digital albums for sale][free listening]


(solo tweezy electronic shit)

[digital albums for sale][free listening]

red rainbows

(a collaboration with randall skrasek of rainbow wolves)

[free listening]

a job ain't nothing but work


(fantastic customer communication for craftspeople)

current jam


(non-prescriptive top-level software consulting)

fixing problems and creating opportunites

ada developers academy

(software developer training program for women)

i am fortunate to serve on the steering committee for this awesome program

socializing : important in the end times